'True Professional'

"Susan is a true professional in every sense of the word.  We have worked together in a variety of categories and her ability to train and organize collaborative teams has had tangible, quantifiable results in every engagement no matter the cultural or organizational challenges.

Her incisive, elegant approach to her discipline is goal-oriented, focused on excellence and is easily integrated into engagements in which I need her human resources experience and expertise.  It is always a pleasure to work with Susan.  She is not only one of the nicest professionals I know, but especially because she is courageously untethered to the cookie cutter 'tried and true'.  This guarantees clients gain the benefit of fresh, creative problem-solving that fits their individual business needs."  

John Marchese  

Marchese & Associates​

Made us a better team

 "The 5B's instrument followed up with our group training has had a greater impact on both our staff and management team than anything else we’ve done. We use the 5 behaviors results to easily open conversations with our team ranging from time off, client development, event planning, and team selling.

The summary and action plans that come with the reports have served as a great foundation tool for our weekly sales meetings. We use them to build on the group training we received. To date it has enhanced our focus on the result and made us a better team." 

Michelle Turner-Ganz

Business Owner 

Coshocton & Mt. Vernon OH

'Priceless Member'

"Susan has been a priceless member of our team for many years now.  She has played an integral role in developing our staff and training our sales team, and has proven herself to be an invaluable resource.  Susan has done it all--collaborative brainstorming on what we want and desires as a successful jewelry store, selecting new hires, developing training programs, assisting our manager with monitoring the team's growth, celebrating our successes, and identifying teachable moments.  

Additionally, through her personalized approach to training, Susan has instilled confidence in me asa a business owner with no formal Human Resources experience.  Tough HR decisions like hiring and firing can be on part of our business that keeps us up at night, but Susan has taken me through the process step by step, case by case, and given me the support and confidence to make the right decisions and to do what needs to be done.  She is always available to help with emergency situations and she knows the ins and outs of the legal aspect of HR.  Her 'behind the counter' background and vast knowledge on all aspect of the jewelry industry gives her credibility that makes her my go-to person for any questions or concerns no matter how large or small.  I am grateful to call her my Coach"

Starr Bragg

Maryville, TN

'Helped Me Become a Respected Leader'

"We began working with Susan soon after my sister and I took over Greenwich St. Jewelers.  We experienced fast growth and quickly went from a staff of 4 to a staff of 12 within a few years.  During this time, Susan worked closely with us to develop and train our staff and handle employee situations with professionalism.  Although this sounds simple in writing, I can assure you that without Susan's mentoring, our company would not be in the great position it is in today. 

Most importantly, Susan helped me grow and become a respected leader within my company.  Prior to working with her I had little to no experience managing and developing staff.  With her guidance, i have been able to handle difficult situations, avoid legal issues and most importantly, create a staff with a united purpose that directly helps us achieve our company goals.

I highly recommend Susan to any company that needs to refine or develop its company culture, leadership abilities and general HR structure.  She has been a critical part to our success at Greenwich St. Jewelers."  

Christina Gandia-Gambale

New York City, NY

'Brought About Personal Growth'

"What to say?   

I was lucky enough to attend a manager training session that Susan held.  Besides the wealth of information, Susan's training brought about personal growth.  The information was  important, but it's her effortless talent to get you to look inside--questioning yourself, your methods, and how you can become a better employee and manager--led me to more than I ever imagined during her training."

Lauren Naber, Asst. Mgr.