About Everything DiSC

Drive engagement through awareness.  Communication drives results.  Take your team to the next level through the use of Wiley's Everything DiSC.  An entire suite of offerings designed to target specific needs:  

Work of Leaders



Productive Conflict


and more...

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Take a look at a sample report to help make the right choice for your team.

Group Culture Report (pdf)


Management Profile (pdf)


Productive Conflict Sample (pdf)


sales profile (pdf)


work of leaders (pdf)


Workplace Sample (pdf)


Purchasing Wiley Everything DiSC

EPIC Credits

Everything DiSC reports are purchased using a credit system.  The report 'prices' are determined by the number of credits required. Bundling credits will offer you savings.  This is ideal for larger organizations.

If you would like to order your reports independently, and have the reports sent directly to you, you may create a  sub-account.  This fee is waived when  a bundle is purchased.  

Wondering how many credits  to purchase?  Below are the number of credits per report.  Multiply that by the number of individuals and you've got your total. 

15 Credits

Everything DiSC Workplace Profile

20 Credits

Everything DiSC Productive Conflict

25 Credits

Everything DiSC Management Profile

Everything DiSC Sales Profile

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders 

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Group Report

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Facilitator Report

Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Facilitator Report

Everything DiSC Group Culture Report

Everything DiSC Facilitator Report

50 credits

Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders

0 Credits: Complementary Support

Everything DiSC Comparison Report

Everything DiSC Team View

Options for Purchasing Everything DiSC

Option 1: Consultation, On-Site Training, and Application

For those who are not familiar with the extent of detail available within the Everything DiSC reports, who do not enjoy or have the time to deliver the training, or who do not have the time to spend interpreting and implementing the learning from them, this would be an outstanding choice.

Customized options are available specific to your needs, including on-site delivery of training programs, telephone consultation and interpretation of results, and strategic development planning.

Contact Susan at 248-971-3388 to discuss the best alternatives for you and your team.

Option 2: Do It On Your Own

This option is available for those who are confident interpreting and utilizing the detailed information contained in the variety of Everything DiSC reports. Facilitation Kits are available for supporting this choice.  Everything you need to deliver impactful training programs delivered to you via USB. 

This requires being set up as a Sub-Account --which takes just a few moments. (Original fee $193.50, discounted to $93.50.  This fee is waived when the initial number of EPIC Credits purchased exceed 500.)

Contact Susan at 248-971-3388 to discuss if this is the right solution for your strategy.

Want to Bring It All In-House?

Become an Everything DiSC Workplace Certified Facilitator

Earn your Certified DiSC Facilitator accreditation.  Choose either online or in-person training, and gain in-depth knowledge of  Everything DiSC Workplace.  This prepares you to implement the training in your own workplace.   The foundations learned during this process provide a basis upon which to build out training for the other reports.

**Kit required--sold separately

Own Your Own Facilitation Kits

Each report has it's own facilitation kit developed by Wiley to guide your team through the learning and application processes.  Included are powerpoints, videos, and supplementary documents to guide and support you.  Simply add your expertise and personality and you've got all the tools needed to set your team up for success!

Details for purchasing kits are below in Featured Products.

Purchase EPIC Credits for ongoing development

Set up a Sub-Account that grants you permission to order your EPIC  credits directly, as you need them, in any quantity that you need.  See the details below for bundling options to save you money.

Featured Products

New products are coming soon!